London School of Mosaic Diploma Project 2019

Inspiration Roman and Byzantine style mosaic from 4th to 6th century showing Bird and Amphora motif, Dove and Vine, Doves and Pomegranante – symbolizing eternal life, the resurrection and rebirth. My initital designs Various ideas with a contemporary twist – sketches, painted designs and collages. Inspired by Cubist still life compositions using elements of SanContinue reading “London School of Mosaic Diploma Project 2019”

Eartha Steps Out – some new pics & video

Thanks to everyone who came to the launch event of the new Mosaic in Willesden Green . There were some really fantastic musicians who came (even jammed together) Carlton Headley (sax), Russel Lambert (drums) Shanks ( who gave me a free copy of his excellent cd Silence Interrupted, The Rubber Banned ) and of courseContinue reading “Eartha Steps Out – some new pics & video”