New mosaic dedicated to bread-making!

I’m currently working on an exciting new commission for a Bread Maker in France @ La Ferme d’Herteloup. The mosaic has been made off site on wedi boards in UK and will be installed later this month!


Ive been collaborating with Paul Bassingthwaighte, who made the ceramics of wheat, birds, butterflies, a Christ figure (head with flowers of thorns), fools (modern gargolyles), and hands. He’s a talented painter and film maker and making ceramics pieces has been a new direction for him too.


We’ve had a very creative few months interpretting Nick ‘s ideas (who owns the farm and makes the bread amonst other things) and hope that it represents some of his passions, as well as a few of our own.

Materials included stained glass to create a bursting light-filled sun in the centre of the mosaic artwork , gold mirror on the arch of wheat and included colourful shards of Paul’s broken ceramic plates around the white filled background, (It’s all useful stuff and popular in French mosaic style Pique Assiette).

The final addition to the menagerie of creatures scattered around the mosaic was the gecko as something tactile hopefully in reach for Nick’s young son to touch as he grows up.

wheat and gecko


The mosaic itself will be installed around the chimney of a traditional bread making oven.

On the lower part of the wall will be the ceramic hands within the larger hand to represent all the people who are receiving the bread and who have ‘had a hand’ in making it.

Very excited as about to set off for France to install it.  Will post pictures in situ soon… A bientot!