London School of Mosaic Diploma Project 2019


Roman and Byzantine style mosaic from 4th to 6th century showing Bird and Amphora motif, Dove and Vine, Doves and Pomegranante – symbolizing eternal life, the resurrection and rebirth.

My initital designs

Various ideas with a contemporary twist – sketches, painted designs and collages. Inspired by Cubist still life compositions using elements of San Vitale iconography, in a circular composition.

Initial stages of fabrication

These early stages involved drawing out the design and covering with sticky backed plastic.  I played with colour ideas and sketched in some andamento lines.  I also experimented with using marble and smalti to get a mix of matt and shiny surface textures.

I tried out various colour combinations for the background leaves…

Development of Mosaic in stages….

details and highlights!…

In the final stage (before framing!) I transferred the mosaic off of the paper and adhered it on its actual board.  I then put a row of white marble tiles outlining the border of the mosaic in order to emphasize the shape.  By outlining the motif in one line of white marble tessarae, it echoes the traditional Roman andamento style.

Once placed and glued down into the frame that I’d made, I used watered down off white cement adhesive over the rest the board.  Finally, this was the first time I could view the mosaic upright and see how it reacted with the light.



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