Eartha Steps Out – great new pics and video

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received_10154058277619783.jpegThanks to everyone who came to the launch event of the new Mosaic in Willesden Green ! We are still organising the plaque (as hoping some sponsorship might be forthcoming) so as yet it is remaining nameless , keeping important names information an ongoing mystery for the shoppers and passersby !

However, just wanted to share these lovely photos of the day by my good friend and artist, Giuseppe Milazzo who took some quality images that really captured the spirit of the entertainment and fun we had that day… There were some really fantastic musicians who came (even jammed together) Carlton Headley (sax), Russel Lambert (drums) Shanks ( who gave me a free copy of his excellent cd Silence Interrupted, The Rubber Banned ) and of course the face painters and stilt walkers…(we were only really missing the juggler !)

The day moved so fast, that after the Mayoress cutting the ribbon, we forgot to say our speeches (which sadly id spent half hour preparing at Pedros cafe in Cricklewood ) and to thank everyone involved… so here it is in a blog i suppose. The launch was a joint effort with Willesden Green Town Team‘s Abraham Ryan who prepared over 50 self popping balloons in gorgeous lime and forest green, and a big thx to Ursula for her super cat biscuits (not edible for cats really but us humans), Deborah Mahs for her organisation of fire brigade (adding some uniformed men appeal to the occasion??) , Nick the painter (and part time tattoo artist) , Hannah Milsom for checking on the kids mask making and bringing the step ladder for the Mayoress, Leslie Jones and …..

theres also a great video by Paul who captured the real life moments and energy of the preparation of the event…










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