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Just want to welcome two new cats into my life : Eartha, who has taken 6 months to grow to completion, and JB, who arrived in my home a few weeks ago, already 1 years old, still growing and not stopping for the foreseeable future…

Jelly Bean aka JB

Newcomer JB


Eartha, however, is a mosaic artwork and the second in the ‘Catwalk’ Series that I have been working on inspired by the strange and wonderful anthropomorphic illustrations of Louis Wain. This one is based on a ‘Norwegian Forest’ breed I was reliably informed with a big sideways mysterious grin.

I combined the subject matter of said cat walking through an evergreen and leafy landscape …
2016-01-22 00.21.44

20151203_170411…with topical ceramic pieces made by Gladstone Park Primary School pupils.  As the mosaic was going to be installed in a public space in Willesden Green, I suggested the children made things you’d see in the town – there is the corner shop, traffic lights,  litter bins, local mosque, and named tube station roundels, amongst other icons!

They also made flora and fauna, bees, butterflies and local birds.

I also included various patterned roundels made by elderly day centre members, so I can safely say all ages were involved in making this piece!


Not only has the conception of Eartha, the mosaic, grown but she now has a ‘mighty tale’ made of ceramic paraphenalia!

As mosaic making is often a slow and painstaking business , I really appreciated the help of kind friends who volunteered their time and effort as well as offering creative input and cheery encouragement.

Eyes looking at you

The cat head & body went through many manifestations, ear shapes and whisker directions. Its anthropormphic human size features tested my patience and cat commitment.

My instinct on creating this piece, mixed as it was with lots of different types of tiles, and textures, and with only a modicum of preconception where it was all going….was  inspired by  Ilana Shafir, an Israeli mosaicist who combined various materials together telling stories as the work progresses.

Mosaic by Ilana Shafir

Meanwhile, the real character of cats continue to amaze me…JB is a constant now, and i thank Eartha for bringing him into my life.

JB at home




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