Eartha (the Cat) is about to step out !

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20151001_152411(1)The second mosaic in the CATWALK series commissioned by Willesden Green Town Team, is nearly completed.

Hoping she will make it in time for Christmas, where it will be installed on Poplars Avenue, near Sainsburys on Willesden Green High Street.

Work began on it back in June, but now the end is in sight!  This is thanks to all the volunteers who have been helping Debra (aka. mosaic therapeee) and who have contributed so much time, support, creativity and incredible patience.

Inpsired and loosely based on one of Louis Wain’s famous cat illustrations from the 1900’s, it is intended to capture the anthropomorphic ( human-like) quality of the grinning cat.

In addition to the cat motif, specially made ceramics  (made by Year 4&5 pupils from Gladstone Park Primary School) have been included which illustrate the local area – such as birds, local landmarks, butterflies, tube signs etc… And if you look closely in the whiskers, you may also find a few handmade mummies!


Just a few more tiles to go, grouting, and then installation!


Author: beetru

Artist, Art teacher

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