Making mosaic helps mind, body and soul whatever your age

Hear Frame
Heart Coasters were put together to make a mirror frame
This week I’ve been running the Mosaic Mural Projects with participants at The Pepper Pot Centre in Ladbroke Grove …

After giving them confidence learning some basic techniques by making small coasters with a ‘heart’, they then got straight in to the communal project and added their own touch to the mosaic mural.

Dancers, musical instruments etc! The mosaic is based on 1950s record covers of Calypso music, such as this one below.  There are some really fascinating record covers out there!

Beatrice from Notre Art has been working hard to get word out and attract new members at the Day Centre.

Many of the particiipants who have mobility, movement and sight issues and with early to mid stages of dementia have started to feel the benefits of this creative and social activity.  The daily dose of domino games and daytime TV has to wait till tomorrow !

Keeping hands and eyes busy proved to be popular – many showed an industrious energy, passion and feeling for the medium that i did not predict. Others who initially showed unsteady hands, catarracts and concentration difficulties made significant progress to the figures’ clothing, 20150130_120514 (1)carribean fruit motifs and jamaican flowers!

Just hoping next week there is another full house to keep the mosaic going.  Thanks to Ruth Morrison, the Director, and Russell for their unflinching support so far!

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