‘SPELLBOUND’- an Alfred Hitchcock mosaic-inspired exclusive!

Entering the tube station – ‘To Catch a Thief’

Wondered around Leytonstone Tube station yesterday, (actually, on purpose) to visit the Alfred Hitchcock film Mosaic Series. This was made by the Greenwich Mural Workshops in 2001  to mark the centenary of his birth…

Memorable scenes or ‘stills’ have been picked from specific films and used as the motifs for the mosaic series.  These scenes showed examples of lead dramatic moments in the film, such as an action fight on a merry-go-round, or strong shadows highlighting the tension in the scene.  I was captivated! (or on the edge of my seat were I in the cinema, of course.)

The mosaic itself is incredibly powerful; bright colours in vitreous glass tessarae are used to set off the designs, acid pink, electric blue or spine-chilling citrus yellow. Repetitive shapes/andamento next to details such as faces or hands are contrasted against each other which give the mosaic real impact, just as impressive as the lighting of the films themselves. There’s much more to say, but here are my first impressions – backgrounds of cirles and swirls, outlining, sharp highlights, tonal gradation etc etc – bold shapes and designs.

IMG_20150104_155233829 (2)
Detail from ‘Strangers on a Train’

Different scenes from films such as North by NorthWest (a plane chasing a lone man in the background), Number 17 (two men leaning out of a train) and The Birds are represented (terrifyingly!).  But the mosaic work also celebrates his life and times – the fact he grew up in the area (portrayed outside his father’s greengrocers shop) and images of him at work with different actors/actresses.  Reminds me of the recent film about him…

There’s also a Hitchcock hotel down the road in Leytonstone – though you’d be a bit Psycho to stay there…)

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